Project Description

John Holland engaged Thompson Controls as a subcontractor at the West Camden Water Recycling Plant for the Bio‐solids Treatment Upgrade and Amplification (WCBTUAA) project. The WCBTUAA project upgraded the bio‐solids digestion capacity from a plant inflow of 14 ML/day to 23 ML/day by anaerobic digestion with pre‐treatment by acid phase digestion to cater for future population growth to year 2031. This was the first trial of an acid phase digester in Australia and was a prestige project for Sydney water.

John Holland construction works involved the pouring of a new anaerobic digester tank, two acid phase digester tanks, the installation of pumps, fans, heat exchangers, water heaters, and waste gas burners.

Thompson Controls completed the design, supply, installation, and commissioning for the WCBTUAA project as follows:
  • ·  Construction of a new switch room
  • ·  Supply and installation of a new single sided Form 3 LV switchboard
  • ·  New PLC control panels
  • ·  Electrical installation of three phase motors
  • ·  Profibus control of fixed speed and variable speed motors
  • ·  Supply and installation of instrumentation
  • ·  Installation of a hazardous areas ventilation system
  • ·  Installation of lights and power
  • ·  Modification of the existing security system
  • ·  Modification of the existing fire detection system
  • ·  Modification of the existing gas detection system
  • ·  Modification of the existing power disconnection system
  • ·  Installation of new fibre optics
  • ·  Installation of pneumatic control valves


Part of the works included reticulation of pipes and cables through existing galleries. This was a very difficult exercise due to the number and complexity of the existing systems. Thompson Controls worked with John Holland to use a 3D model of the existing and new plant to plan the detailed cable routes and access in advance and prevent the ”I was here first” scenario.

Project Details

Business unit: Electrical Controls & Design
Client: West Camden Water Recycling Plant
Current status: Complete
Start date: November 2012
Completion period: December 2014
Contract type: Lump Sum
Value: $2.5 Million