Project Description

Sydney Water engaged Thompson Controls – as part of the SMART Team, to undertake the Electrical component of the SCADA and Electrical Upgrade Project.

The scope of works include:

  • Construction of a new Main Low Voltage Switchroom and associated Main Switchboard.
  • Consolidation and upgrading of Switchrooms to meet NCC Standards including a new Transportable Dewatering Switchroom;
  • Installation of New MCC’s and associated PLP’s and UPP’s:
    • Primary MCC;
    • Secondary MCC;
    • Tertiary MCC;
    • Digesters MCC;
    • Dewatering MCC;
    • Effluent MCC;
    • Blower House MCC.
  • Modify and upgrade existing Pit and Pipe System;
  • Modify and upgrade existing Cable Ladder Systems;
  • Installation of a new SCADA Fibre Optic Network;
  • Re-cabling of all equipment and instruments:
    • Motors – 240
    • Instruments – 600
    • Valves – 95
  • Replacement of existing Electrical Valve Actuators with Smart Actuators;
  • Cutover and commissioning of equipment from old control system to the new control system.

Project Details

Business unit: Energy
Client: West Hornsby Wastewater
Current status: Complete
Start date: July 2016
Completion period: November 2018
Contract type: Lump Sum
Value: NA