Procurement & Estimating

The selection and procurement of  hardware, mechanical and electrical systems, and products demands sophisticated engineering and organisational skills. Thompson Controls’ procurement group has all of these skills.

Thompson Controls procurement and estimating group offer a range of services that include issuing of quotations, evaluating bids and handling all purchasing. All expenditure is monitored throughout the project process along with the logistics of deliveries made to project sites. Costs associated with the supply of purchasing and delivery of materials/equipment is fully documented. This information is then utilised by our project team to prepare cost estimates and to monitor cash flow commitments for the future.

Thompson Controls extensive knowledge of industrial and control instrumentation allows us to package an optimum solution from the countless array of sources available. Working as an independent, Thompson Controls product association is flexible and materials selected are based on client specifications and their project requirements.

Our purchasing power offers client’s considerable savings and the ability to accurately provide appropriate solutions.  If clients require equipment that is specified to particular brands (due to standardisation or proven performance), we are able to work within these parameters.

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