Core Values

Safety, Integrity, Discipline, and Loyalty are the heart of Thompson Controls business culture. 



Safety is a top priority for Thompson Controls. We ensure the highest safety standards are upheld in all that we do. This is to ensure a risk and hazard free environment is provided for all personnel in all work situations. We continuously upgrade our skills to maintain this high standard ensuring that it is never compromised.


Integrity is a core characteristic that is displayed in all our interactions. We guarantee ethical and honest conduct is upheld through all our workings to provide an uncompromising standard of integrity. We preserve trust between all clients and workers by ensuring the privacy, information, and reputation of all stakeholders is adamantly protected.   


We believed in a dedicated and disciplined work environment where we are always putting our best foot forward. We take a disciplined approach to ensure all standards and processes are being continuously upheld. This creates a unified work front that operates cohesively together to provide quality outcomes in all that we do.


Loyalty is an essential quality express in all our dealings. Loyalty is a part of our company culture having many long-term employees, some having been with us for over 30 years. This culture is transferred into all dealing with clients providing an atmosphere of trust, support, and reliability.