Project Description

Sydney Water engaged Thompson Controls – as part of the SMART Team, as a contractor at the Warragamba Recycling Plant.

The project consisted of the renewing of all the SCADA systems, including PLCs, SCADA network and software at Warragamba WT0013, WP0135, WS0248 and WS0129 including the PAC Plant.

Thompson Controls also provided a new IICATS RTU located at Warragamba WT0013 to monitor all the abovementioned SCADA assets.

Thompson Controls completed the design, supply, installation and commissioning as follows:

  • Work place accommodation upgrade
  • Supply and installation of  new double sided Form 3 LV switchboard
  • New PLC control panels
  • Electrical installation of three phase motors
  • Profibus control of fixed speed and variable speed motors
  • Supply and installation of instrumentation
  • Installation of lights and power
  • Modification of the existing security system
  • Modification of the existing fire detection system
  • Modification of the existing power distribution system
  • Installation of new fibre optics network
  • New Chemical dosing systems including dosing skids and storage tanks where required.

Project Details

Business unit: Electrical Controls and Design
Client: Warragamba Water Recycling Plant
Current status: Complete
Start date: February 2013
Completion period: December 2014
Contract type: Lump Sum
Value: $4.2 Million