Impressive Safety Record for SMART

Earlier this year, the SMART alliance was recognised by Sydney Water for its unprecedented safety record having maintained  a total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of zero for two years.

The SMART alliance is made of Thompson Controls, Schneider Electric and Sydney Water and has been responsible for upgrading and maintaining SCADA & electrical systems across Sydney Water's 35 treatment plants since 2012.

Celebrations were held at Parramatta and West Hornsby.


Schneider Electric put the following video together to describe the successful safety program.

The Canberra Light Rail Project

Thompson Controls is now involved with Stage 1 (of 4 stages) of the construction for this new exciting project in partnership with I-Tech Corp and SMART Commercial Solar for John Holland Group.

Our scope includes lighting, power, cabling and switchboards working closely with John Holland; I-Tech-Corp and SMART Commercial Solar. Included in the project will be solar power storage and innovative automation to ensure user friendly integrity.

The initial 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) line will link the northern town centre of Gungahlin to the city centre (Civic) and will have 13 stops. The line was known as Capital Metro during the planning process. The project is being managed by Transport Canberra with services projected to commence in August 2018.

Stage Two is currently being planned to extend the line south to Woden via Parliament House. Four line variations are being considered, including a diversion to the eastern suburb of Barton and a further proposal to extend the line beyond Woden town centre to Canberra Hospital. The extension will stretch 10–13 kilometres (6.2–8.1 mi) with 8–13 stops depending on the alignment. Two additional stages are in the early stages of pre-planning.


Sydney Desalination Plant

Project Background – On 16 December 2015 a very strong weather event, described as a tornado, struck Kurnell with high rainfall, hailstones and strong winds exceeding 200 kilometres per hour. Large areas of the desalination plants’ roof was blown off leaving extensive areas of the plant exposed to the weather, resulting in substantial consequential damage to electrical systems, machinery and instruments.

Project Scope – Thompson Controls were engaged to inspect, test and report the status of the greater part of the site’s electrical and control infrastructure, and to generally restore the plant to its condition before the storm. The scope includes cables and cable supports, electrical equipment, instruments, security and SCADA systems, the main high voltage switchyard and the various high voltage substations.

Technology Used – technology used is nothing remarkable; just standard electrical test equipment, elevated work platforms and extensive documentation to meet the quality assurance requirements of the client. No new technology or equipment is being introduced except for lighting.

Lighting technology – extensive (but not complete) deployment of energy efficient LED lighting to replace the older fluorescent luminaires within the main RO building, and to replace the older high pressure sodium or metal vapour luminaires used for street lighting.

Awards – Thompson Controls won John Holland’s “Sub-Contractor of the Month” award in July, and three employees have individually won the monthly “HSEC Excellence Award” for the site.

For more information about the Sydney Desalination Plant see: 
and the storm…